Writing a 2019 success list was hard. Is hard. Writing this intro, I haven’t even started listing accomplishments. Which is silly, because there are a few milestones I can easily spit out (like a new job).

  • Developed a website and interactive map for the Erikson Institute
  • Spent quality time working through tricky data with SQL
  • Spoke on a panel about careers in tech at a community college, was thanked afterward for talking about mental health
  • Gave a talk at a local meetup about Leaflet
  • Gave my first 45-minute talk at PearConf—which was also the first time I’d been paid as a speaker
  • Impromptu participation on a panel on careers in data visualization at visfestunconf
  • Developed a huge new feature for LA Metro’s instance of Councilmatic
  • ignored a lot of advice and quit a job without anything planned
  • got a new job at an exciting workplace
  • helped hire an EIC and managing editor at the weekly
  • joined the SSW board at staff representative
  • began working with an ADHD coach
  • sought treatment for my sleep issues, eventually diagnosed
  • titrated off of a medication i had been on for six years and am doing much better
  • took in a foster cat!
  • moved to an apartment where i’m a lot happier. environment is important.
  • transitioned to full-time remote work
  • worked under the lead of Julia Wolfe to add in FiveThirtyEight’s polling averages in chart form
  • open-sourced a guide to user research I wrote with Derek Eder
  • whizzed by my goal of reading 70 books and read 100 instead!
  • set three concrete, measurable professional goals

It’s hard because two of my three professional goals are aligned with my personal ambitions, and but I hadn’t done the work to vocalize and define them. For instance, I enjoy public speaking and it’s a skill I want to strengthen. However, I stopped seeking out those opportunities because I felt it was more important to focus on my day-to-day job duties. And that was the right prioritization, but I didn’t replace it the joy I got from public speaking with anything. This year, I’m taking stock of my energy and which activities breed satisfaction so I can invest in my own happiness.

It’s an election year at FiveThirtyEight, and the Olympics kick off in the summer. I’m excited thinking about what this list will look like next year. ✨