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Jasmine is a queer multiracial entity focused on making complex ideas accessible to everyone. She has worked as a game developer,1 civic tech software consultant,2 alt-weekly editor3 and user experience designer,4 and is an all-around data witch.

Her current form manifests as a data visuals reporter at The 19th, an independent nonprofit newsroom covering gender, politics and policy.

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Data visualization, product design, and stories on everything from predictive policing to mascot taxonomy.

some favorite work ☂︎ ☆ ☀︎ ⚘ ☺︎ ❊ ☊ ⚡︎ !

“Who The Census Misses” ↬
Large groups of people have always fallen through the cracks of its racial categories — often by design.

“Why People Fall For Conspiracy Theories” ⤳
It can be easy to write off our conspiracy theorist friends and relatives as crackpots, but science shows things are far more nuanced than that.

“What We Know About Crises And Domestic Violence — And What That Could Mean For COVID-19” ⇝
There’s no perfect case study to draw from, but we can make some reasonable conclusions by looking at research on intimate partner violence and past disasters with some similarities to the COVID-19 crisis.

“Do fanfiction reading habits change after a celebrity death?” ↬
Morbid thought, couldn’t shake it. Had to know.

  1. DoSomething.org, 2015-2016 

  2. DataMade, 2018-2019 

  3. South Side Weekly, 2016-2021. 

  4. Graphicacy, 2018.