Inspired by this episode of The Mindful Productivity Podcast.


  • consistently telling people other than my cat and parents that i love them
  • graduated college
  • kicked ass interning at NPR
  • started work as a developer at datamade and havenโ€™t apologized for my technical background
  • owned up to my background in tech and actively reference my prior work experience
  • requested an anti-harassment policy be drafted on my first day at datamade (it was, thanks to Bea Malsky)
  • designed and kicked off datamade mentorship program
  • submit to two conference CFPโ€™s
  • spoke at three conferences, one international
  • talked about having disabilities publicly for the first time (as part of an aforementioned talk)
  • visited two new states (Minnesota and Tennessee)
  • travelled outside of the continental US for the first time
  • sought targeted treatment for my sleep problems
  • read 61 books
  • actually wrote a few pieces for the weekly
  • began editing pieces for the weekly regardless of genre
  • began to put down strong boundaries on my time and abilities to take on new commitments
  • prioritized my health and happiness
  • journaled weekly


  • 70 books including a conscious โ€œto be readโ€ pile
  • continue to listen
  • learn more about prison abolition and seek opportunities to ethically support the struggle
  • refocus who and what i want to advocate for, and which resources i will invest in that
  • continue to prioritize my loved ones, but not over myself โœจ