jasmine mithani

DisOrientation Website

September 2016


DisOrientation is an initiative to provide student-led programming during the University of Chicago's Orientation Week (O-Week). All the of events and information distributed during O-Week are disseminated by the university, and we wanted to share knowledge with incoming students that we felt was important. The 2016 team had over 200 people working on a "DisOrientation Book," performing physical outreach to incoming students, and organizing specific DisOrientation events for the incoming class of over 1000 students.

about page

I proposed a website to serve as a quick way for everyone to look up an event schedule while on the go, and to serve as a marketing and outreach tool independent of Facebook. The first version of the site was up in a week, with updates being added regularly. The website is viewable here.

source: identity.uchicago.edu

DisOrientation was meant to riff off of the official University of Chicago identity guidelines. I worked with official color swatches and use guidelines, and found a free typeface to closely match the official web one (Proxima Nova). The DisOrientation logo is an upside-down phoenix, the mascot of the school. I worked that theme into the headers for each page, unifying the site in both design and purpose.

mobile views

When designing and building the site, mobile access was the priority. Students were going to be opening the link on their phones after browsing Facebook, checking the "Schedule" tab to see the location before they hopped on a bus, and generally using it as a quick reference when on the go. I used a responsive grid and tested on multiple screen resolutions every step of the way.